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Limelight Always Together 13
Limelight In Love Again 12
Siberian Heat Flute Cries (Maxi version) 12
DiscoBonus Just (Instrumental Version) 10
D.J.Amure Germany (M.Mareen cover) 9
Elen Cora Wanna Be Real 9
Etolie Vipe How Old Are You (Miko Mission Cover badboy back vocal remix) 9
Grant Miller Colder Than Ice 9
Mark Ashley Face On The Wall 9
NEIL SMITH Help me through the summer 9
Rob van Der Guy Around The Sun 9
Ryan Paris Dolce Vita 9
The Flirts Helpless (Reloaded 2013) 9
The Sweeps The Last Dream (Flemming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff Remix) (2013) 9
Albert One Stay (I Venti d'Azzurro Remix) ITALO DISCO 2012 8
Alberto Costa Only You 8
Aleksey Podgornov Summer Night 8
Arkadias Grey Night (DJ Ikonnikov Exc Version) 8
Armando Ferro See You In Venice (Remix) 8
Asher Moai Xian Disco Action 8
Axel Breitung In The Dark Of The Night 8
Aycan Lambada 2012 8
Bad Boys Blue Lady In Black 8
Barry Lane & Vanello Journey To The Moon 8
Boy Blue The Sadness In Her Eyes (Extended Vocal Remix) 8
Boys Boys Boys My Feeling (FCF Edit) 8
Brayan Master Mix ft. Kelis Bounce (Nrg Version) 8
Charlie G. Llama L'Amor 8
Christina Manzano Paradise 8
Cliff Wedge Love At First Sight (Extended) 8
Creative Connection You're My Heart... 8
D.J. Savage In The Night 8
D.J. Savage Pochemu 8
D.White Ticket Tonight (Extended Version) 8
David Verona I Wanna See You In My Life 8
Desperado A Csillagokban Jarsz (Dj Paz Italo Club Mix) 8
Divine Shoot Your Shot 8
Dj Doddo Tu Sei (Dj Hunter Remix) 8
E-Partment True Grit (Kris Mctwain Remix 8
Eskimo Every Night (The Night And Day Mix) 8
Evgene Ikonnikov Fantasy 8
Fairlight Children 808bit 8
Gabry Ponte Feat. Pitbull & Sophia Del Carmen Beat On My Drum (Djs From Mars Remix Extended) 8
Gemini Ghost Town (Dj Stefano Remix) 8
Giorgio Moroder Vs. Jam & Spoon The Chase (Jam & Spoon Radio Mix) 8
Hank Shostak Don't Tell Me 8
Hyboid Space Age Gigolo 8
Jenny Kee Atomic Energy (Extasy Mix) 8
Joe Yellow I'm Your Lover 8
Ken Laszlo Baby Call Me (Ken Hit Mix) 8
Ken Laszlo Tonight 8
Ken Scott The Cat (Italoconnection Re-Edit) 8
Key West Sorry...Sorry...Sorry 8
Kristian Conde Forbidden Game 8
Larabell Love Is Just A Mess (CD Version) 8
Luca Bazz Feat Antonio Barbera La Differenza Tra Me E Te 8
Madonna Intro The Groove 8
Male Room Now That I'm A Man (Andresnrdj Re-edited Mix) 8
Mandy Don't You Want Me Baby 8
Mauro Buona Sera...Ciao Ciao 8
Mela I'll Be With You (DJ Edit №1) 8
Michael Bedford Tonight 8
Mike Mc Power Come On Come On (Club Mix) 8
Miko Mission How Old Are You _ (Original Edit Mix) 8
Modern Talking Brother Louie 8
Moltocarina The Rythm of Love (D'Loading Mix) 8
Mulperi Save Me 8
Neon Game All Right 8
Nils Holgerson Eto ne lyubov 8
Patrick Cowley Menergy 8
Poppury Italo Disco Masters 8
Razmer Project My Moscow Love 8
Roger Meno What My Heart Wanna Say (Wolfback's Remix) 8
Roller Idol feat Bonfeel Electro Band Devil Lady (Extended Mix) 8
Sam Haggblad Passion 8
Scrash & Zorka Nataska (Kotek) mix by Dj Ikonnikov 8
Silent Circle Touch In The Night 8
Stefanie Hertel Das Paradies In Deinen Augen (Remix 2012) 8
Stylove & Vincent International I Love You Again 8
System Mirage Play Me The Bolero (Extended) 8
TDHDriver Spaceship For Two 8
Telex23 White Lies (Retronic Voice Cover Instrumental 2012) 8
The Sweeps Facing The Night (Extended Remix) 8
Thomas Bainas Blue Eyes 8
Tobias Bernstrup 27 (Sweetsuite Remix) 8
Tobias Bernstrup Destruction 8
Tom Garrow Give Me More... 8
Tom Hooker & Elastic Band Nobody Loves Me 8
Tommy Sun Dancer (Italo Mix) 8
TQ Let's Go To Tokyo ( Axel remix ) 2013 8
Trans-X Living On Video 8
Virtual Device Into The Fire (Short Mix) 8
Vz Vintage Project Space Race 8
Young Monday Vol De Nuit 8
Al Corley Square Rooms 7
Alan Brando Don’t Let My Heart Say Goodbye (Vocal Mix) 7
Albert One Stay (Extended Version) 7
Aleksey Podgornov Big In Japan 7
Aleksey Podgornov Everybody Dance 7
Alex Call My Dreams (Extended Mix) 7
Alex Bolmat Italo Nostalgia 7
Alex Teddy & Dance Rocker feat. Hoxygen This Is Love (Love Mix 2012) 7
Alexey Romeo & Anton Liss Rusy Hindi Bhai Bhai (Anton Liss Radio Edit) 7
Alphatown - Body Rock (Jhonny's Mix) 7
Amateras Space Adventure 7
Amii Stewart Knock On Wood 7
Amin-Peck Running Straight 7
Andrea I Feel Fine (Bellisimo Mix) 7
Andrej Kartavcev Moya lyubov 7
Andy Romano Every Time Feel Allright (New Italo Disco 2010) 7
Angelo Maria Morales Pretty Babe 7
AquadreamR Cosmic Dance 7
Avenue Una Historia De Amor 7
Bad Mark Back To My Planet 7
Black Project Save The Earth 7
Blockhouse Disco Hit 7
Blood On The Dance Floor The Last Dance 7
Blue Star Project U Rock My Heart 7
Boney M. Rivers Of Babylon 7
Boris Zhivago No More Love (Guitar Mix) 7
Boy Blue Hold Me In Your Heart (Maxi Version) 7
Boy Blue The Window of Your Life 7
Boytronic Bryllyant 7
Carlos Gallardo Ft Lorena Gomez Get It Up (Brayan Master Mix) 7
Casanova I Love You (Love Mix) 7
Casey Roxana (Nrg-Version 2013) 7
Catch It Again Heartbreak Hotel (Radio Edit) 7
Chae Yeon Dangerous 7
Chicano Tengo Tengo (Extended) 7
Click Duri Duri ...Baila Baila 7
Cliff Wedge With A Broken Heart 7
Co.Ro Temptation 7
Cosmic Blue Lady (You Take My Breath Away) (Special Long Version) 7
Creative Connection You're My Heart You're My Soul (Extended Version) 7
D.J.Amure I Cant Dance (Genesis cover) 7
Dancelovers ft. Monita Kis Vilag (Instrumental No Vox) 7
Darush Abdolmaleki Atre Gharibe (Dj Ikonnikov E.x.c Version) 7
Das Bo Dumm Aber Schlau (You_27re My Heart_2c You_27re My Soul) 7
David Lyme Playboy 7
Daydream Crazy 7
Dean Corporation La dolce vita 7
Den Harrow Don`t break my Heart(system mix) 7
Desireless Voyage...Voyage 7
Diamond Rain Leave It For Tonight 7
Diego Dante' Fisa Trip 7
Diego Dante' & Puglio Euphoria 7
Digital Emotion Go Go Yellow Screen 7
Digitalo Russian Man (ZYX Extended Version) 7
Dinca & Mark Pride & DJ SNS ft. Nole Siroce (DJ Ikonnikkov Mix) 7
Disko B & Houlden Bricks The Story 7
Diskomplex Diskophilia 7
Dj Fantasy & Mayte Historia De Amor 7
Dj KramniK Back In 80s 7
Dj KramniK Retro Haus Sound (Disco Back) 7
DJ Mo.Do Muzika (Club Mix) 7
DJ Valdush Was But Passed (Inst.. Remix) 7
Durlamdam Inventori Tanz (Passeggio Loop) 7
Dyva If Youre Feeling Blue (Extended Version) 7
Eddy Huntington U.S.S.R. (Extended Version) 7
ELIZA G Summer Lie 7
Ernesto Sounds Of The Solar System 7
Ernesto feat. Monte Kristo Lady Valentine (SpaceDiscoRemix) 7
Escort Starlight (RAC Remix) 7
Etolie Vipe Better Than You (Michael Nolen Maxi Mix) 7
Exciting Valence Fly 7
Exciting Valence Here I Am 7
Fancy D.I.S.C.O...Lust For Life 7
Farao Mulatos Mix (DJ Ikonnikov) 7
Francesca Gastaldi Humanize 7
Fred Ventura Don't Stop (Original Mix) 7
Frontal Wir Sind Wir 7
Fun Fun Baila Bolero 7
Future Synth Between The Stars 7
George Aaron Nothin' Ville (Is A Town) (Vocal Version) 7
Glasses Fall In Love Again (Unreleased Extended Version) 7
Goldy Push Flexible Love (Extended Mix) 7
Grant Miller - 02 Red For Love (Extended) 7
Hellfire Club Lies For Me (Lies For You) 7
Houdiniґ Gold and Diamond (Radio Mix) 7
Hurts Better than Love (Italoconnection Remix) 7
In Africa Hypnotic 7
International European Lover 7
International Hold Me (Maxi Mix) 7
Italobox My Dream (Extended Version) 7
ItaLove Strangers In The Night (Flashback Ri-Mix) 7
Italover Silent Sadness (Extended Version) 7
Italover Trollface (Maxi Version) 7
Ivi Adamou La La Love 7
J.D.JABER Don't Wake Me Up 7
Jaco Hey Operator 7
James Manoro Always & Forever (Extended Version) 7
Joe Peters Don't Loose Your Heart Tonight 7
Joey Mauro & Fulvio Monieri Streets Of Heaven (Unreleased Extended Version) 7
K.B. Caps Julia 7
Ken Laszlo Inside My Music 7
Ken Laszlo Mary Ann (That's The Lovely Mix) 7
Kinky Go Gimme The Love (Razormaid Remix) 7
Kristian Conde Dolce Vita 7
La Prohibida Cuando Dos Electrones Chocan (Italoconnection Remix) 7
Lang Way Chain Reaction (Cover Version Modern Talking) DJ Ik.... 7