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Siberian Heat Flute Cries (Maxi version) 168
Limelight Always Together 154
Limelight In Love Again 151
Superlove Playboy (L.A. Club Mix) 107
Diamond Rain Leave It For Tonight 106
Asia Gang Hippy Ah Oh (Asia Mix) 104
Mode-One Sometimes 104
Albert One Stay (I Venti d'Azzurro Remix) ITALO DISCO 2012 103
Armando Ferro See You In Venice (Remix) 103
Jenny Kee Atomic Energy (Extasy Mix) 103
Nation In Blue I Want You 102
ItaLove Rendez Vous ( New Italo ) 2012 101
Mr. Black Kamikaze (The Hit'R Mix) 101
Eddy Huntington U.S.S.R. (Extended Version) 100
Rick De Moore She's My Lady (Extended Version) 100
Ryan Paris Besoin d'amour 100
Various Artists - Mela Love Me Too (Powerful Mix) 100
Various Artists - Mr. Black Dance Together (XL Edit) 100
Alphatown Heart to Heart (1991 R'mix) 99
Casanova Angel Eyes 99
Joey Mauro & Fulvio Monieri Streets Of Heaven (Unreleased Extended Version) 99
Marco Bardi My Romance (Last Version) (New Italo Disco) 99
Radiorama All Night Long (FCF R'Mix) 99
Radiorama Sugar Sugar Love (Verona Mix) 99
Chito One More Chance (Extended Version) 98
E. Layne Get Back (The Factory Mix) 98
Fresh Fox White Nights In Paradise 98
Gelateria Italiana Vs. DJ Happy Vibes Tonights the Night(Remix) 98
J. Kee Carry On (The Original Mix) 98
Steve Burbon Project feat. Mirko Hirsch The vibe (Extended Version) 98
Talking Eyes Feat. Stylove Computerized Love (Extended Version) 98
The Sweeps The Last Dream (Flemming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff Remix) (2013) 98
Various Artists - Andrea I Need You So (Andreas Mix) 98
Various Artists - Asia Gang Afrika (Ebony Mix) 98
Birizdo I Am Keep the 80's Alive (Extended Version) 97
D. White feat. K. Lelyukhin Generous Love (ZYX Extended Version) 97
Digitalo Russian Man (ZYX Extended Version) 97
Hank Shostak Don't Tell Me 97
Nea! Puppet in The Box (Maxi Version) 97
Synthgo Buona Sera (Extended Mix) 97
Lenroy Do You (Extended Version) 96
Lian Ross Say You'll Never 96
Magic System D.J. In Your Eyes (Extended Version) 96
Milou It's Saturday Night (7'' Version) 96
Mistery Never Fall In Love Again (Evamix) 96
Stylove & Frank Lozano Story of My Life 96
Superlove I wanna stop (Paris mix) 96
Tommy Sun Lover Boy (Extended Version) 96
Various Artists - Moltocarina Don't Say Goodbye (Venice Mix) 96
Victor Ark feat.Daniela Vecchia Bachia Me (Short Version) New Italo 2013 96
Alan Barry Come On 95
Asia Gang Dedicated To Freddie (Queen Mix) 95
Boy Blue The Sadness In Her Eyes (Extended Vocal Remix) 95
Boys Boys Boys My Feeling (FCF Edit) 95
Discoservice Megamix 2011 95
Goldy Push Flexible Love ( New Italo 2013 ) 95
Mike Danger Crazy (DG Max Full Power Mix) 95
Moltocarina The Rythm of Love (D'Loading Mix) 95
Space Garden The Glory Of The Space (Vocoder Mix) 95
Chicano Tengo Tengo (Extended) 94
Joe Yellow I'm Your Lover 94
Miko Mission How Old Are You _ (Original Edit Mix) 94
Sandra Infinite Kiss 2012 94
TQ Let's Go To Tokyo ( Axel remix ) 2013 94
Various Artists - Max And Company Midnight Radio (Supermix) 94
Axel Breitung In The Dark Of The Night 93
Dean Corporation App Me (Italo Dance Mix) 93
F.C.F. Big Match (Tyson R'Mix) 93
Marce I want you (Spanish version) 93
Nick Festari Web Kiss The Radio (Extended Mix) 93
Oscar Superstar (B.B. Mix) 93
Peter Wilson I Don't Wanna See You Cry (Matt Pop Album Mix) 93
Sam Money Run Away 93
Siberian Heat Vitaly 93
Tom Garrow Dance For Me (Maxi Version) 93
Andrea I Feel Fine (Bellisimo Mix) 92
Barbie Young Excited (S.E.X. Edit) 92
Boys Boys Boys Dance The Night Away (L.A. Mix) 92
Dyva Joy (Extended Version) 92
FCF Stop The Funky (The Force Mix) 92
Giuseppe Alicata Parla Con Me (Extended Version) 92
Joe Peters Don't Loose Your Heart Tonight 92
Johnny M5 Time To Remember 92
Ken Laszlo Mary Ann (That's The Lovely Mix) 92
Limelight Remember My Love (Extended Version) 92
Magic System D.J. I Wanna Touch Your Body Now (Italo Disco) 92
Wol Vo Forever (Italoconnection Re-Edit) 92
Alphatown Runaway (The FCF Mix) 91
Andy Romano Every Time Feel Allright (New Italo Disco 2010) 91
Christina Manzano Paradise 91
D.J. Savage In The Night 91
Larabell Love Is Just A Mess (CD Version) 91
Mode One & Katy Perry Last Friday Night ( M D Project Italo Disco Remix) 2013 91
Rudy & Co Mama radio 91
The Gangstars Do It Do It (Hit Mix) 91
Tipsy And Tipsy Video Video (T.V. Mix) 91
Javiera Mena Complejo de Amor (Digimax Remix) 90
K.B. Caps Do You Really Need Me (Cap Remix) 90
Ken Laszlo Baby Call Me (Ken Hit Mix) 90
Max Coo And Steve Coo Bye Bye Bye (The Original Mix) 90
Mela Eyes Of The Tiger (Tiger Mix) 90
Ocean Wings Loving In The Snow 90
Rick De Moore Flash On the Floor (Extended Version) 90
STEVE CLARK No More Love (Rarik Extended Mix) 90
SuperVox Time To Run 90
Alphatown - Body Rock (Jhonny's Mix) 89
Chris Hey Dee Jay (D.J.P. Mix) 89
Cliff Wedge Touch Me (Extended) 89
David Lyme Bambina (Brasil import remix) 89
Eskimo Every Night (The Night And Day Mix) 89
Etolie Vipe Better Than You (Michael Nolen Maxi Mix) 89
Italobox My Dream (Extended Version) 89
ItaLove L'Amour (Flashback Remix) 89
Ken Scott The Cat (Italoconnection Re-Edit) 89
Night in Wales Your are My Reason (Extended Version) 89
Pamela Hoky Toky (Sayonara Mix) 89
S. Claus And D'Jingle How Many Time (The Only Club Mix) 89
S. Claus And D'Jingle Girls Little Man (The Original Mix) 89
Tommy Sun Dancer Vocal 89
Tommy Sun Love (Fading Away In Time) (Short Extended Dance Mix) 89
Vanello & Steven Kimber The King of the Summer (ZYX 2016 Mix) 89
Various Artists - Alphatown The Fire (Fire Version) 89
Various Artists - Betty Doy A Love Story (Rej Mix) 89
Various Artists - Chip Chip Motion (Boom Boom Mix) 89
Christian Conde Dolce Vita (Extended Version) 88
Den Harrow Don`t break my Heart(system mix) 88
Diego Dante' & Puglio Euphoria 88
Hurts Better than Love (Italoconnection Remix) 88
Joy Touch By Touch ( New Mix) 88
Laurie You Can Tell Me (Pumpin Mix) 88
Mr. Black Mysterious Man (V'Mix) 88
NEIL SMITH Help me through the summer 88
Radiorama Aliens 88
Sara Noxx Vampire 88
The Hurricanes Only One Night 88
Trebor SX Cyber World 88
Vincent International You're My Love (You're My Life) (Maxi Mix) 88
Brian Krause This Love is Forever (ZYX Special Mix) 87
Carlos Gallardo Ft Lorena Gomez Get It Up (Brayan Master Mix) 87
Charlie G. Llama L'Amor 87
Cliff Turner Moonlight Affair 87
DiscoBonus Disco Light 87
FCF Fire On The Moon (1991 Version) 87
Mauro - Buona Sera Ciao Ciao (Club Mix) 87
Michael Bedford Tonight 87
Pet Shop Boys Always On My Mind 87
Retronic Voice Sea Of Life 87
Rofo Beach Love 87
Swan Don't Talk About It 87
Synthesis Over The Clouds 87
Wong You Have A Favorite (Remix) 87
Black Project Save The Earth 86
Blue Star Project U Rock My Heart 86
DAVY JAMES Dream Baby 86
Disko B & Houlden Bricks The Story 86
Evgene Ikonnikov Fantasy 86
Grant Miller - 02 Red For Love (Extended) 86
Hani KK vs.Philip Tonra Lover on the line (Remix) 86
Ken Laszlo Tonight 86
Marisa Machado Wet Dreams (Digimax Italo Disco Remix) 86
Mikrofisch Mauro Farina (Italofan95 Extended Remix Version) 86
Silent Circle Forget The Stranger (Remix) 86
Silent Circle Touch In The Night (New Remix) 86
The Flirts Helpless (Reloaded 2013) 86
Various Artists - Boys Boys Boys Freedom (High Power Mix) 86
Alan Ross Valentino Mon Amour (Swedish Remix) 85
Baltimora Chinese Restaurant 85
Boy Blue Alon Again (Extended Version) 85
D.White My Everything 85
Dmitrij Himichev Women's Tears 85
Elen Cora Wanna Be Real 85
FRANKY Have You Ever Heard Of Atlantis 85
Gemini Ghost Town (Dj Stefano Remix) 85
Italoconnection Metropoli 85
Magic System D.J. Love Me Again 85
Marco L. System J. Moviestar (Single Version) 85
Mike Mareen Love Spy 85
Modern Boots Deep Inside My Heart 85
Rose Fairy Tale 85
Sweet Connection Need Your Passion 85
Vision Talk Dina Tankar (2013 Remake) 85
Vz Vintage Project Space Race 85
Alex Rasov Are You Ready 84
Aruba Ice Love (Alex Neo Version) 84
Avenue Una Historia De Amor 84
Barry Lane & Vanello Journey To The Moon 84
Claudia.T Dance With Me (Extended Version) 84
Closed Crazy Love (Extended Version) 84
Closed Living In Your Eyes (Extended Version) 84
Creative Connection You're My Heart You're My Soul (Extended Version) 84
Danny Keith Keep On Music 84
Digital Emotion Go Go Yellow Screen 84
Dj Fantasy & Mayte Historia De Amor 84
Elvin You Set My Heart On Fire 84
Galera feat. Josephine Sweet Sometimes 84
HVH74 Robotic Lust 84
Inna Hot (Deejay-jany Italo Rmx) 84
Kristian Conde Forbidden Game 84
Mark Farina Killer (Hit Mix) 84
Morbo Este Encanto (Gerson Tellez Remix) 84